Language as play - Multilingual Panel Discussion

When: 09.11.2019 12.00-14 Uhr

Where: Stadtbibliothek Köln

Language is much more than sharing information. Language is a human condition and thus extremely lively, dynamic, ambiguous. Writers and translators transform ideas, opinions, feelings into words. By doing this, they provoke in their readers and audience changes in emotion and imagination. This is a delightful phenomenon, inspiring games and experiments. It fascinates us that the semantic artists succeed in expressing what is indescribable, incredible and unbelievable, and by developing nuances in their prose between what is said and what is meant. They confuse us and they animate us with their creative powers, producing new metaphors, interpretations, access to and flow of words, in order to sensitize our emotions, to mobilize our imagination and to take us into unknown worlds.

What does it mean to move between different languages, between life and writing? What possibilities does this offer for playful writing? The writers will give us some examples.

Mit/ with/ avec:
• Suleiman Addonia (ER/ ET/ GB)
• Olumide Popoola (DE/ GE/ NG)
• Susan Kiguli (UG/ GB)
• Fiston Mwanza Mujila (ZR)

Moderation: Mukoma wa Ngugi (KE/ US)

The panel will be held in english.
Jutta Himmelreich translates English <-> German
Aurélie Thepaut translates whispering English <-> French

Visitors* who need whispered interpreting, please let us know on admission.

Here you can find the festivalprogramme to print: programm.-veranstaltungen_compressed.pdf

Entry: 5 Euro